VoiceBoxer is a multilingual web platform for presentations, video conferences, webinars and live streaming events that lets you reach an audience in any language - anywhere, anytime, and in any configuration.

Our innovative technology provides live voice interpretation, by combining remote professional interpreters with a comprehensive webcast platform. VoiceBoxer allows you to engage with global partners, translate voices, and Speak to the World.

VoiceBoxer’s Interpreter Platform was built to provide the best quality online interpretation possible. Our platform is interpreter-focused: practical, intuitive, and professional. We understand the language services industry, and we are excited about enabling professionals to reach an international audience - with our platform’s globally focused capabilities.

Our virtual interpreter booth approximates the on-site experience (adjusted for remote performance), and allows interpreters to work in pairs to ensure a comfortable experience.

The VoiceBoxer platform also allows for:

  • Relay interpretation
  • Bi-directional interpretation