Project Launch

Dear friends! Finally we’ve launched TranslAcademy.

TranslAcademy is a place to go for discovering world’s best translator training practices that we present in the form of interviews with different translation school representatives. Our spotlight is focused on written translators’ and interpreters’ professional development through a synergy among schools and collaborations in the field of Translation Studies.

The volunteer initiative is launched by academia and industry representatives – Irina Alekseeva (Director of St. Petersburg School of Conference Interpreting and Translation (SCIT), associate professor, Russia) and Oleksandr Bondarenko (CEO at Translatel Ltd, associate professor, Ukraine). This is not about mentoring, but about uncovering the essence of unique qualities of translation schools all over the world.

As part of our activity we established the initial comparability parameters to ensure meaningful analysis, facilitate discussions and positive interactions with professionals. We don’t produce inflexible, preconceived ideas or theories, nor do we rely simply on the development of knowledge in the field. We are convinced that before getting in touch with a school one needs to have some awareness of the “cultures” one deals with, so all materials (lessons’ demos, school descriptions etc.) will be online and free to access before the webinars.

We strive to create an inclusive participation platform that facilitates sharing ideas, experiences and innovative approaches for effectively contributing to the modern agenda of translation market. Translation trainers, prospective school students and practitioners in translation are all welcome here.

Lifelong learning together with curiosity about countries and people are two passions that threw us together. Hope to share them with you!

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